Save Over £170 on Netgear's Whole Home Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi System in Amazon's Black Friday Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

Houses may not be getting bigger, especially if you live in the South East, but our dependence on Wi-Fi certainly is. Almost everything we buy now needs some sort of network connection, and with everything spread out across your place you need a solid Wi-Fi signal.

Some places may be okay with a standard ISP-provided router, but others might not - and a Mesh network is the way to deal with the problem of signal blackspots. Fortunately Amazon has a big sale on Mesh networks for Black Friday - including 37 per cent off Netgear's whole home Orbi mesh kit.

Normally costing £472.79, today it costs just £300 - and that gets you the Orbi router and two satellites to spread throughout your house. That way you can get consistent Wi-Fi on your toilet, in the bedroom, on the sofa, and all with a seamless connection that automatically switches you to the strongest signal.

Of course if you don't need two satellites, you can get a two-device kit that comes with a router and a single satellite for £210 - which is £90 less than the £300 RRP. You can also buy a single Orbi satellite to add to an existing mesh connection for £120, which is £30 lower than normal.

If Netgear isn't your thing then Amazon has discounts on all sorts of Mesh kits from different companies, including TP-Link, Linksys, and Tenda Nova.