Pedro Pascal Awkwardly Said the Mandalorian's Real Name in an Interview

By Germain Lussier on at

The Disney+ show is called The Mandalorian. The toys call him “The Mandalorian.” And in the first episode, he’s referred to mostly as “Mandalorian.” Suffice to say, it seemed pretty clear the identity of the main character on the new live-action Star Wars TV show was being kept a secret. Or, was it?

Maybe you consider this a spoiler? Just in case...

Slashfilm has uncovered an electronic press kit interview where the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, refers to the character’s real name. Watch here at 2:31, which we’ve cued up.

So he says the character’s name is something like “Dyn Jarrin” but it’s almost like as he’s saying it, he realises he shouldn’t be saying it so his speech gives out halfway through the phrase. Or perhaps this interview was done with the understanding that it wouldn’t be released until after this information was revealed on the Disney+ series?

We can’t be sure so Gizmodo contacted Lucasfilm to try and get clarification or, better yet, an official spelling. Because without an official spelling, it’s hard to figure out if this name has any significance. Our best guess though is doesn’t. He’s a person. People have names. Names are usually arbitrary. Calling him “The Mandalorian” at least designates him as the star of the show as opposed to “Dyn Jarrin” or whatever the hell he half says there. If the name sounded like “Wren” or “Fett” that would be one thing. It doesn’t. (Or maybe you hear something more significant, tell us below.)