Percy Pig Fans Rejoice With This New Marks and Spencer Pink Piggy Muffin

By Shabana Arif on at

Percy Pig, the delicious, unofficial mascot of Marks & Spencer, is now available to eat in muffin form.

The baked goods were spotted in store and posted to Instagram by kevssnackreviews, and sport a Percy Pig gummy adhered to the top of a delightfully pink muffin with a big splodge of even pinker buttercream.

Image credit: kevssnackreviews

The muffins are one sale for a pound a pop and are filled with raspberry jam. They've rolled out alongside other new festive treats, like the Snowflake Chocolate Caramel Muffin, M & S Mince Pie, and Rodney Reindeer Gingerbread - all of which are also a quid with the exception of Rodney, who comes in at just 85p.

So if you're on your lunchbreak and want a whimsical and tasty morsel to get you through your afternoon, pop into M&S and grab yourself a muffin. [Metro]

Feature image credit: The Guardian