Poundland Declares Festive Bake War on Greggs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poundland is launching a "festive bake" this winterval season, and it's doing so with an attack on high street bakery stalwart Greggs to kick off the publicity campaign.

The slightly contrived concept behind the advert is that lots of people called Greg were asked to compare a Poundland festive bake to a Greggs festive bake, and what do you know? Enough people mumbed "Mmmm!" and pointed at the correct sample to allow Poundland to assemble an advert in which it appears to be the hands-down winner in the Christmas bake off.

The key selling point seems to be the sheer mass of the Poundland bake, with each pastry weighing 300 grams. Plus it's only £1, whereas Greggs' one is £1.50 and weighs just 152g. On volume/price alone, Poundland is the winner. But do they come hot? Surely not.