Save £70 on The Playstation VR Mega Pack and Other PS4 Bundles Over on Amazon

By Tom Pritchard on at

VR is generally quite expensive, even if you choose not to go down the route of getting a big flashy gaming PC and one of the fancy headsets made by Oculus and HTC. But with Black Friday you can not only save money on Sony's much more affordable VR system, you can also grab a PS4 for a bit less too.

First up is the PSVR Mega Pack, which packs in the PSVR headset, camera, and a selection of games including VR Worlds, Skyrim, Doom, and more. Normally it would cost £300 for all that, and you don't even get PS Move controllers to go with it, but thanks to Black Friday you can get it for £230 - which is less than the cost of the PSVR headset when it came out.

Then that extra money can go towards a PS Move two pack, which conveniently costs £60 if you look in the right place (ie not Amazon, which only has rip-off third party sellers right now).

You can also grab yourself £50 off the 500GB PS4 with FIFA19. It may be last year's version of the game, but it means you get it all for £200 instead of £250. In other words lowering the cost of getting your own VR rig below £500. In other words, less than the cost of the standard HTC Vive headset and controllers.