Rick & Morty Season 4 Will Now Debut in the UK on 20th November

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember when Channel 4 announced they had the rights to Rick & Morty season 4, and that we'd have to wait until next year to get a legitimate way to watch the series in the UK? Well thanks to people complaining, Channel 4 has decided to push it up a bit, and it's only 9 days away.

Now the series will arrive on E4, instead of Channel 4, with 20th November being the day the first episode will premiere. It's not as good as the week wait we had with Netflix and season 3, but it's still a heck of a lot better than waiting until January.

an Katz, Director of Programmes at Channel 4 said:

“When we announced we would be airing Rick and Morty Series 4 on free to air TV in January we thought fans would be delighted. Instead they told us - in their droves - that it wasn’t nearly soon enough, so we’ve listened and brought forward the UK premiere to November 20th on E4 and All 4. Enjoy!”

So complaining works, apparently. Just as long as we keep it to complaining and not heading into abuse territory, because that is definitely not cool.

The fourth season is still being split up into two parts of five episodes each, but that's out of Channel 4's hands, because it was a decision made by Adult Swim. Hopefully the two week gap will apply to the second part when they eventually debut. Unless C4 decides we deserve to wait even less time. [Channel 4]