Star Wars-Themed Galaxy Note 10+ Launches Next Month

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung has unveiled its Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Galaxy Note 10+ ahead of the film's release on December 20.

The black handset sports the red detailing - which extends to the S Pen - and includes a specially-designed case with a metal badge. It screams Dark Side, and may just lure you over if you have the cash. It drops in the US on December 13 with a price tag of $1,299.99.

The phone is set for release here in the UK at some point, but a date and price has yet to be confirmed. If we work on the assumption of a straight conversion, that puts the cost in the ballpark of £1,000, but it's likely the price will be bumped up somewhat.

Samsung also dropped an ad to accompany the new colourway, but the actual phone is nowhere to be seen. There is, however, a Chewie dog and a cat intent on turning the kid in the advert to the dark side, so that's fun. [Samsung via SlashGear]