Save Up to £253 on Samsung Galaxy S10e Bundles Thanks to Black Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Samsung Galaxy S10e was only released in March, but now it's already had a pretty hefty discount thanks to Black Friday. So hefty in fact that it only costs £499 now. What's more, that price also includes a Harman-Kardon Onyx Mini Speaker.

Normally this bundle would cost you as much as £751.95, but the discount means you're saving anywhere from £218 to £253 on the usual retail price. Of course the amount you save all depends on which colour you get, and how much it cost originally. For some reason the yellow and white S10es are cheaper than the black and green.

If you're not interested in a Harmon-Kardon speaker bundle, you can still get a decent discount on the S10e by itself. The only downside is that the final price is still £499, which means you're paying the same amount for less stuff. So my advice is go for the speaker, since it costs £83 by itself, and then either sell it or give it to someone else at Christmas.

Frankly the Black Friday deals have been rather rubbish so far, so it's nice to see some good deals finally popping up. The better news is that this deal is available until 23:59 on 3rd December, or until Amazon runs out of stock.