Scientists Invent Extra-Slippery Toilet Coating for Cleaner Bowls

By Gary Cutlack on at

US university researchers claim to have invented a better type of toilet, thanks to a super-slippery spray-on coating that uses "nanohairs" to make the grave substances in question less likely to stick to it.

The serious reason behind this development is that it would allow toilets in countries with less reliable water supplies to enjoy flushes using less water per go -- yet still getting rid of all the stuff that inexorably emits from our bottoms. For us lot with the backing of our endless water utility resources, the main benefit would be having to clean the bog less and maybe not having a weird specialist brush lurking behind the toilet bowl at all. We'd perhaps bung down less bleach too, which must be good news for sewer health.

Material expert Mark Miodownik from UCL said: "People will be familiar with the effectiveness of non-stick frying in their lives, and a similar approach to solving the problem of stickiness is behind this ingenious piece of materials science. This time the problem is not eggs sticking to a cooking pan, but poo sticking to the toilet pan."

He, a scientist, said poo. You may now consider that word scientific. [Guardian]