Sky Q's 1TB Box Gets a Welcome Upgrade and a More Affordable Price

By Shabana Arif on at

Sky has announced its new and improved Sky Q 1TB UHD box that now has all of the same features as the beefier 2TB box.

That includes the ability to record six shows at once, and - in a first for this size box - you'll be able to watch content on two Sky Q mini-boxes at the same time. These features were previously only found on the larger 2TB box, but now the only difference between them is the storage size, as it should be. 1TB of storage will get you 500 hours of TV and films, while 2TB translated to a whopping 1,000 hours, so you can fill it up with all sorts of nonsense that tickles your fancy.

Earlier this month, Sky announced that it would be adding BBC iPlayer to its Sky Q lineup, joining Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify so it's a great place to watch live TV, sports, and catch up on your regular streaming services.

The Sky Q 1TB UHD box starts from £25, while the 2TB box starts from £50. You'll need a Sky TV pack to tack your Sky Q experience onto, with the latter costing £13 per month on top of your Sky TV pack cost, which starts at £22 per month. Additionally, access to 4K content depends entirely on your subscription level.