Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Kick in on Skyroam X WiFi Smartspot

By Shabana Arif on at

This Black Friday, you can pick up a Skyroam WiFi smartspof for 30 per cent off.

The offer kicks in from November 26, with 30 per cent off the Skyroam Solis X Travel Bundle that includes a travel case, multi-connector cord, and a five day pass card for £179.90. The Solix X usually costs that on its own, so if you're a frequent traveller, you might want to give it a look when it goes live in a couple weeks. That price will hold through Cyber Monday, until December 3.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Solis Lite Travel Bundle for 35 per cent off during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For £119.90 you'll get the hotspot, the Skyroam power bank kit (with power converter and a multi-connector cord to enable power charging of various Android, i-Product and micro USB devices), and a five daypass card.

For an added bonus on Cyber Monday, when you buy 10 day passes, 1-month unlimited subscription, or 12 months of GoData, you'll get a Skyroam Solis 4G LTE Hotspot and Power bank for free.