The Expanse's Season 4 Trailer Shows Us a Brave New World With Dangers at Every Turn

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

The Expanse’s fourth season drops on Amazon Prime in just a few weeks meaning that after months of being cryptic about what’s to become of the Roci crew on the strange, new Earth-like planet Ilus, the studio’s finally dropping the kinds of trailers that give you some solid information about what to expect. In this case, it’s one hell of a bumpy ride.

The Expanse’s latest trailer makes clear Ilus is anything but a paradise. Between the forces of both Mars and Earth looking to colonise the life-sustaining planet for their own means and the protomolecule’s crazy metal-spewing storms, Ilus might just be anything but a potential new hope for displaced Belters.

Settlers are managing daily life now, but the Roci crew arrives to signs Ilus just might be connected to the Protomolecule, and those aforementioned massive storms filled with Protomolecule technology that are constantly besieging the planet. As if all that’s not bad enough, there’s bound to be even more to Illus’ danger than the weather.

We also get a good look at Burn Gorman’s (Torchwood) new character, who seems to be a major cause of trouble himself, and a whole lot of other surprises.

The Expanse’s fourth season premieres Amazon Prime on December 13. Here’s a new poster Amazon just debuted as well.