The Streaming Service That Only Offered Stargate Episodes is Shutting Down

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone has a streaming service now. Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Warner Bros actually has two, and I could go on all day. For a while streaming has split off from a couple of centralised services with lots of content, to every rightsholder announcing their own plans - to the point where it doesn't look sustainable. So it may not be surprising that the Stargate-only streaming service Stargate Command is shutting down.

Stargate Command opened up a couple of years back as a 'hub' for all things Stargate, as well as the only place you could watch the then-newly announced Stargate: Origins. It also gave subscribers access to the original Stargate film and every episode of the many spin-off series that arrived afterwards.

It was $20 a year for an All Access pass (which isn't such a bad deal to be honest), but now it seems the ride is over. Stargate Command is shutting down next month, and MGM has confirmed all its video content (including things locked behind a paywall) will be migrated to YouTube. Naturally the film, series, and TV movies will not be freely available that way.

The official line is that MGM wants to expand the franchise's reach, and ensure more people around the world can access the franchise.  So it's not 'shutting down'; it's moving to a new location. An actual reason hasn't been given, though I would not be surprised if MGM realised there are better ways to make money from the franchise than a standalone streaming service that's never going to update.

Personally this looks like the first in a long list of eventual casualties as networks and rights holders try to milk franchises for all they are worth.

The Stargate Command website will be live until the 31st December, and after that all accounts are going to be deleted. Nobody can sign up anymore (we checked) and anyone who has paid for an All Access pass that doesn't expire before the end of the year will get a full refund in January. Account holders are in the process of being emailed right now to inform them of the change.