Uber and Audible Collaborate to Offer Free Short Audiobooks

By Gavin Whenman on at

Audible and Uber have teamed up to give you the perfect excuse not to talk to your driver.

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon's audiobook giant, for one month Uber is offering its UK users seven free audio stories via their app. They claim to be doing it to encourage people to unwind on their commute and even commissioned a 2,000-person survey by polling company Censuswide "showing" that 79 per cent of us feel less stressed when we get lost in a good book and nearly half (46 per cent) of Britons think they suffer from "headline anxiety"; a figure that, if anything, suggests not enough of us are paying attention to the news.

The research, of course, is just PR speak for "we found a news-y hook so you can talk about our latest service without feeling like a corporate shill," but honestly, seven free audio stories doesn't sound like a terrible deal for itinerant bookworms and they come from some noteworthy literary names, with stories by Chocolat's Joanne Harris and 2018 Booker Prize nominee Daisy Johnson among the offerings.

Those still struggling to get over Andrew Scott's performance as the sexy priest in Fleabag can also allow him to seduce your earholes with classic Peter Rabbit tales by Beatrix Potter, although you may prefer to enjoy them within the comfort of your own home, rather than a couple of feet away from a complete stranger.

All seven of the stories should be available in the Uber app for the next month.