It's the Last Day to Remember to Register That Drone You Played With Once

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today is the Civil Aviation Authority's deadline day for registering all larger drones with authorities, so future law enforcers can pull the remnants of a machine out of the wreckage and easily identify who it was that brought down a Dreamliner over Twickenham.

It looks like an awfully large number of people are prepared to risk a £1,000 fine for not doing so, though, as current estimates say that 50,000 drone owners have registered their machines so far – leaving 80,000 of the UK's supposed 130,000 drone users outside of the official loop.

If 80,000 people decide to take their drone pilot exams all at once tonight the CAA will no doubt burn though all of this quarter's data allowance and crash offline quicker than a [redacted aeroplane type from a major manufacturer], so there's bound to be quite the number of illegal drones out there in the country from tomorrow morning. [BBC]