Drone Registration Scheme Promises to Get Your Lost Toy Back

By Gary Cutlack on at

Things have got real-cum-serious for the UK's fleet of drone owners today, as the Civil Aviation Authority has launched its Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme for the larger-than-250g flying devices with a demand that every drone owner or casual pilot complies by November 30.

Or else what happens we are not sure. They'll still work, innit? The good news is that it's only £9 a year for the privilege of having your machine added to the national database and taking part in an online educational theory test, plus there's an additional free service being rolled out for registrants too; Drones Reunited. The CAA says stray drones going missing is a big problem for users, but now they're all going to be registered and official and stamped with an Operator ID in accordance with the new law, it should be easy for enthusiasts to arrange the return of lost models found in woodlands, their camera memory cards still full of grainy aerial images of dogging and The Flying Scotsman.

Owners need to sign up for the full £9 Operator ID, but if you're just flying someone else's then a free Flyer ID will do. [CAA via BBC]