Brexit Decision-Jam Blamed for Delaying Electric Scooter Rule Changes

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of Europe's many electric scooter hopefuls has said he's bored of hearing about Brexit all the time too, as the political paralysis the B-word has unleashed on the UK is holding up reform of our many Victorian-era public carriage laws.

A change in the law is needed in order for the country to fully embrace the shared electric scooter distribution future that's apparently the saviour of the toxic inner cities, as at the moment such machines are not allowed to be ridden anywhere other than around our houses and in the extremely few (1) places the laws have been specifically bent to accommodate them.

Voi Technology's co-founder Fredrik Hjelm says his company is but one of many petitioning the UK government to examine the law for outdated mentions of horses and insert lots of allowances for e-scooters, but he's not expecting it to happen soon. He told the BBC that: "What we hear and feel is that Brexit is a big reason why things are moving so slowly. We don't have any high hopes of getting this [law change] through before Brexit, which I think is sad, because most other European countries have been quite quick in adapting and trying to find a good regulatory framework."

The only way round existing legislation is to put a hoof in each corner of the machine and have it make neighing sounds every 20 metres so it may technically be described as a horse and allowed to roam the streets, but that would raise production costs. [BBC]