UK Hits a Full-Fibre Milestone of Questionable Excitement

By Gary Cutlack on at

A site that tracks the quality and speed of the UK's internet connections claims we've stormed* to a hyper-connected science-fiction state of late, with as many as 10 per cent of homes now enjoying a full-fibre internet connection. More than enough to jack in to the cyberspace and upload/download entire consciousnesses.

The figure is slightly more impressive than it may at first seem because Think Broadband's exhaustive numbers track actual, live connections, not the simple availability of fibre links. So when it says 10.01 per cent of the population has fibre, it means actually has it, is paying for it, connected to it, and proudly burning through half of the monthly bandwidth allowance performing and sharing speed tests.

The site's connection counters estimate that the next ten per cent of FTT-Population ought to take 18 months to hit, as the low-hanging, easily reached connectivity regions continue to be hooked up to various ultrafast-tier products. [Think Broadband via BBC]