All 79 UK Mothercare Shops to Close

By Gary Cutlack on at

The [type of people] who buy [the sort of stuff] from Mothercare will soon have to find another place to buy [whatever it is], as the newly-appointed administrator has confirmed that all 79 of the UK branches are to close. There is no emergency, last-minute, probably-Sports-Direct saviour on the horizon, as it's such a loss-maker that no one's mad enough to touch it, not even Mike Ashley after too many massive cups of coffee.

Administrator PwC says the UK operation is being sacrificed for the greater good of the international business, as apparently the rest-of-world part of the chain and its businesses are profitable. The UK arm is therefore about to see a "phased closure" of the entire high street estate, leaving around 2,500 permanent and temporary staff out of work, in yet another chapter of the grim pre-Christmas retail horror storybook.

Mothercare boss Clive Whiley said: "...the board concluded that the administration processes serve the wider interests of ensuring a sustainable future for the company, including the wider group's global colleagues, its pension fund, lenders and other stakeholders."

The brand may live on as an online retailer, should anyone be up for buying that from the administrator. [BBC]