London Introduces a Pavement for the Famous

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK is to begin copying the US habit of immortalising celebrities on the pavement, with the new Music Walk of Fame laying its first slab in London this week to honour ageing rockers The Who.

Located in London's bands/pubs/foods hub of Camden, the Music Walk of Fame hopes to eventually immortalise around 20 of our most famous and successful musical acts, with The Who's Pete and Roger braving the cold and attending the launch presumably, in part, because they've got a new album coming out in a couple of weeks.

The Walk of Fame convinced the council to allow them to dig up the high street and everything, with the project's backers also promising that "an exciting AR experience" may be triggered by (a) having an iPhone, (b) installing an app, then (c) waving it at/near the stone. We're sure this will all still be working just fine 11 years from now. An Android version of the app may be out by then, too. [Music Walk of Fame]