US B-52 Bomber Drops Components on Village Garden

By Gary Cutlack on at

A lump of a B-52 Stratofortress fell off while it was larking about above Warwickshire on a training mission, leaving a lady in the village of Brailes with an unattractive and mangled military feature in her garden.

It triggered an exciting day of action for the Shipston on Stour police force, which scrambled its member of staff and its car – probably a Fiat 500 – to investigate. They only sent a Police Community Support Officer instead of interrupting the boss and making him cut short his stay at the Age Concern coffee morning, but still. Some important on-the-job learning was done.

PCSO Emma Turner told the story on behalf of the unnamed local, explaining: "She said she looked out and saw something shiny out in the garden which she thought was part of a plane. It's very unusual. Luckily no-one had been hurt or injured, which was our main concern."

The US Air Force said it was the landing gear door from the front of the plane that had come off, and sent its 2nd Bomb Wing personnel from RAF Fairford and representatives from the MoD to pick it up. [BBC]