Vegan Galaxy Chocolate Launches for Only Three Times the Usual Price

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mars has noted earth's current extreme demand for vegan products and is about to launch three Vegan Society-approved variants of its Galaxy chocolate, hoping it can do in the sweets market what Greggs did in the lunch slot.

There are only two bad things about this development: The vegan Galaxy bars cost £3 for 100 grams, which is laughably expensive in this day and age of enormous Poundland slabs you can barely get in your rucksack and the perpetual price-marked £1 bargains all over the regular supermarkets. Also, there's no Just Bloody Chocolate Flavour either, as Mars is launching three tediously modern flavour variants of the vegan Galaxy, in orange, caramel and salt, and hazelnut options. Salt. Is not. Supposed. To go with. Chocolate.

Tesco, Ocado and Amazon should have stocks of the vegan bars from next Monday, with hazelnut paste and rice syrup the novelty ingredients Mars is using to approximate the creamines of your usual milk chocolate. [Guardian]