Waitrose Caught Selling Aldi Veg With a Posh Sticker Over the Top

By Gary Cutlack on at

A scandal is once again unfolding, this time confirming what we all sort of knew all along but didn't say out loud for fear of recriminations: Aldi and Waitrose sell the same things but in different boxes. And for at least 50 per cent more money if you want the ones that have the "Waitrose" sticker on.

The scandal concerns the purchasing of a £2 pack of "Mediterranean roasting vegetables" via online retailer Ocado, which is currently Waitrose's delivery partner. The shoppers proudly unpacking their aspirational Waitrose products were shocked to find a rogue Aldi sticker on the bottom of the plastic veg tray, revealing that the only difference between the Aldi and Waitrose products is the sticker. Oh and the price, with the Aldi alternative costing just £1.29.

The anonymous shopper said: "No disrespect to Aldi or their customers but if I wanted their products I'd go to one of their stores," implying that there ought to be a difference greater than mere perception.

This sort of outrage used to be enough to get people rioting out on the streets and really ought to bring Waitrose down to its knees by Friday, but for some reason no one seems to care about truth or honesty or value any more, so nothing will change. Posh shoppers will continue to blindly pay more to get their pretty stickers and their nicer fonts and won't mind at all, because they want the binman to be impressed by their shopping choices.

A spokesperson for Waitrose didn't even try to cover it up either, explaining: "We are sorry that there has been an error with the labelling at our suppliers and we are now looking into this. As with all retailers, we will share suppliers for some of our products." [Daily Mail]