Hide All Your Porn on the Cheap With 45% Off This 10TB WD Hard Drive

By Tom Pritchard on at

Do you have a huge collection of porn on your computer? What about vast collections of more work-friendly digital media and an aversion to cloud storage? Amazon has a deal you might want to pay attention to: a 10TB hard drive with 45 per cent off the normal price.

Considering I've been struggling to a fill a single terabyte hard drive, ten times that much would last me an entire lifetime. Or until I start collecting 4K films and not storing them on Blu-rays.

Normally this storage drive would set you back by £257, but it's now only £142 in the Black Friday sale. In other words you could buy two, get double the storage, and only have to pay 10% more than the original retail price.

The deal ends today, so make sure to get your order in while you can.