Welsh Medical Museum Promises 8K Videos of Anatomy and Science

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aldershot's Museum of Military Medicine is planning to move itself to Cardiff in time for the 2022 tourist season, with the new premises enabling exciting new things to lure in kids and their educational-day-trip-seeking dads, not least an 8K video space to push the human eye to the limits of its comprehension.

Our military medicine museum records how war has indeed been good for many things, particularly the medical science world, as with new ways of killing people comes new ways of sewing them back together again and reattaching legs etc, innovations which may then be applied in the civilian world when your dad cuts three fingers off with a mitre saw. The updated Museum of Military Medicine plans to use the Deep Space video system to project its informative science about the place, technology already being used in Austrian counterpart the Museum of the Future.

The Deep Space 8K system allows both 2D and 3D footage to be shown, with the Austrian system found to be so versatile that it's used for everything from the broadcast of live surgery to medical students in staggering detail to music shows with unprecedented immersive visuals. The potential 8K-ready Cardiff Bay Museum of Military Medicine is currently with local planners, ahead of a decision early next year. [BBC]