Wilkos Ignores Black Friday and Launches Its Christmas Toy Deals

By Shabana Arif on at

Wilkos has blasted past Black Friday sales and is rolling out its Christmas deals already with up to 50 per cent off toys right now.

The deal is live from now right up until Christmas Eve  on all sorts of brands, like Harry Potter, Disney, and V Tech.

You'll find all the usual suspects that the kids in your life will no doubt be haranguing you for, like Frozen toys - although Elsa and Anna dolls have been supplanted by tea serving trolleys and pretend kitchens. But at 50 per cent off, I'm sure the little buggers will make do with anything that has the characters' faces plastered all over it.

There's a handful of Marvel superhero toys for half off, including a snazzy-looking Vulture, but if your mini people are more into heroes born from a mishmash of Japanese anime and Super Sentai, then there's a handful of Power Rangers and Transformers on offer, although the discounts aren't nearly as generous.

If Lego is more up their (or your) alley, there are Black Friday promos to be had elsewhere on the internet, and if you are indeed buying Lego for someone else, we have a handy beginners guide to buying Lego because, let's face it, where the hell do you even begin when shopping for people who get excited about the prospect of a free brick. [Metro]