Argos' Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Black Friday Deal Saves You Even More Than Usual

By Shabana Arif on at

While it looks a bit shit with a whopping £3.29 discount, the normal price on the site is a steal.

The Xbox 3 Month Ultimate Games Pass usually retails for £16.49 at Argos, but has currently had its price dropped by over £3 (can't underestimate that 29p), meaning you can pick it up for £13.20. As Black Friday sales go, that's pretty shit, you might think.

True, it's not the biggest discount, but considering that three months of Game Pass Ultimate is £10.99 per month, £16.49 for three months is a bloody bargain, and £13.20 is practically heaven-sent, as discounts go.

And in other Black Friday Xbox-related news, you can treat yourself - or someone else if you must - to an Xbox One X for £300. That's a huge £150 knocked off the RRP price tag along. There are various bundles available, too, so for that price you'll also get a game or two thrown in. Even better.

And with the money you save, you can buy more three month passes from Argos and keep on redeeming the codes for months of reduced price gaming. So enjoy never seeing the light of day again.