Xiaomi's Celebrating its First UK Anniversary With a Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone loves a cheap brand that produces quality stuff, which Xiaomi seems rather good at doing, but people love it when they can get things cheaper. Thankfully Xiaomi is doing another sale, this time to celebrate the fact that it's been around in the UK for a whole year. Sadly the number of items are severely discounted, though it's not nearly as bad as last year's shitshow of a sale.

The sale includes a number of Xiaomi products, ranging from the Mi 9T Pro (with free Mi Smart Band 4), all the way down to the Mi Electric Toothbrush and LED Smart Bulb 2. You can even get some money off the already-dirt cheap Redmi Go, which normally costs a mere £80. Obviously that kind of money is not getting you great specs, and that only comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.

Sadly this sale is limited, and the deals available are first come first served. The T&Cs have a list of what's available, and the kind of quantities you can expect, so make sure to get your order in pronto. That said this sale is lasting until 8th November, so there should be more things arriving every day.

So you better get to it, before all these bargains vanish for good. Chances are they won't be around for very long.