Yorkshire Radicals Suggest we "Buy Nowt" to Teach Them Multinationals a Thing or Two

By Gary Cutlack on at

Residents of the city of Bradford are being asked to purposefully avoid the Black Friday madness today, with a campaign asking them to "Buy Nowt" and enjoy a cup of tea with like-minded individuals not currently scouring the internet and going mad from trying to find a graphics card that's genuinely cheaper than it was last month.

Buy Nowt is organised by Bradford's Artworks Creative Communities, which explains: "In the highly pressurised world of Christmas preparation what better time to come together, get some advice about money, find out what free stuff is available in Bradford/Keighley and enjoy creative activities."

The event and its "currency free zone" are located in the city's Theatre in the Mill, should you need somewhere to cry that the phone you wanted for the money off you decided was necessary in order to pull the trigger did not appear in sufficient quantities for you to get one.

Separate internet radicals are mobilising on social media using the hashtag #BuyNothingDay, with a few indie retailers shutting up shop in preference of organising community events too, and many organisations coming together to encourage the doing of anything other than mindlessly buying whatever electric toothbrush or Bluetooth bullshit the Amazon algorithm says is a deal. [Facebook via Guardian]