You Can Get a Free Month of Now TV's Entertainment Pass for Every Email You Own

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when that free stuff involves streaming stuff that would otherwise cost you money. Now TV may not be the greatest streaming service on the planet (that 720p lock is an absolute bitch), but free is free - which is especially useful when Sky TV is so expensive. I think we can all agree that free access is good, especially when it only means handing over your email address.

You can grab your free month over at Streaming Vouchers (via HotUKDeals), and it really is reliant on you entering your email address and being done with it. I have tested it, got my code, and reactivated my long-dormant Now TV account for a month. Then I tried it with a code sent to a different email address and found that they do stack. The T&Cs say that all codes have to be redeemed by 31st December 2019, but if you have an unlimited supply of email accounts you, in theory, have an unlimited supply of Now TV passes.

Sadly, despite what the people over at HotUKDeals say, you can't use the Gmail trick of adding full stops or plus signs to your email. I checked, and will work (if it's valid) but  "" and "randomemail+nowTV" did not. Even in Incognito mode.

Even so, it's a good deal and gives you access to whatever is on Now TV's entertainment catalogue right now. So old Game of Thrones episodes, new episodes of Watchmen, and a bunch of other stuff I don't really care about. You just need to make sure to cancel your subscription at some point, otherwise you'll end up paying £9 a month after your accumulated passes expire.

If you're not into handing over your email address, Vodafone are also offering two months of the Entertainment package for two pounds, provided you're signed up for the VeryMe app. Now TV itself is also offering two months of the Mobile-only sports package for £1 a month.