100 Tescos Start Offering Free Charging for EVs

By Gary Cutlack on at

100 Tescos – or 100 individual branches of Tesco, to make it known that I do not refer to Tesco as "Tescos" – are to start offering free charging for EVs as you load up with processed delights, in a deal probably paid for by Volkswagen as it's an e-Golf and an ID.3 seen charging up in the promotional photography.

EV charging specialist Pod Point may also be picking up a percentage of the tab too, as it's the one installing the first of this new wave of EV charge points at individual branches of Tesco across the land. 100 of them are now active, and to celebrate it's all been set to free vend, although the free power part of the deal only comes from the 7kW AC chargers that sit down at the slower end of the charging spectrum, so there won't be too much juice a-flowing while shoppers shop.

600 individual branches of Tesco should eventually be wired up with this same charging system, and yes, there is something in doing this for Pod Point – the faster DC charging options available will need to be paid for, should a 7kW trickle not be enough to get you back to your massive farm house in the Cotswolds without running out of power on the A40 for comic effect. [Inside EVs]