53 MPs Got Voted Out Yesterday, So Firebox is Sending Them a Present

By Tom Pritchard on at

There was a general election yesterday, and the results are in leaving Boris Johnson and the Conservative party holding a clear majority for the next five years. Unless he can convince parliament having another one in two years is a good idea.

It also resulted in 53 MPs being voted out of their seats, which is unfortunate for them, so to try and make them feel better Firebox has sent them a random gift.

Firebox is known for selling weird stuff, including a poorly wrapped 'Secret Santa' box that contains a random piece of Firebox stock. Specifically mentioned in the press release are Unicorn Tears Gin, and The Practical Guide to Racismthough I'm not sure we need more politicians using racism as a tool - even if they aren't in Parliament anymore.

Obviously this is a big publicity stunt to advertise Firebox and those crap-wrapped boxes. Which makes sense given the time of year. Christmas parties are coming, Secret Santas are happening, and there are still presents to be bought for people. Maybe they're hard to buy for, or maybe you flat-out don't like them.

Let's just hope Jo Swinson gets something good, because she just lost her seat and (presumably) her place as leader of the Lib Dems. How many have they gone through in the past four years now?