Aldi Stunt Vegetable Recognised by Brand Authorities

By Gary Cutlack on at

A plush carrot made solely for advertising purposes has somehow been inducted into a museum of famous brands and now sits alongside Mickey Mouse and Paddington Bear; a bizarre move we can only conclude involved clandestine meetings and boxes of wonky vegetables changing hands late at night in car parks.

The news is that Aldi's Kevin the Carrot Christmas advertising avatar now stands on display in a glass case like a trophy handed out to a toddler for correctly identifying types of vegetable at pre-school, but within the halls of London's Museum of Brands like a proper thing.

The job of justifying the inclusion was given to MoB founder Robert Opie, who said of the plush carrot's newly exalted place in society: " Considering he only came to life in 2016, Kevin the Carrot has had quite a meteoric rise and his display highlights how characters with strong personalities can create a true bond with the public. He's become quite a celebrity in his own right." [Londonist]

Image credit: Instagram