Amazon's Boxing Day Sale is Here, in Case You Somehow Still Have Money to Spend

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Friday was less than a month ago, and Christmas was yesterday, but this being the UK we now have the Boxing Day sales for everyone to enjoy - and Amazon's deals just went live. Honestly, what we've seen so far isn't that great compared to last month, but it's worth checking this stuff out for the stuff you wanted and didn't get for Christmas.

The main deal I spotted ahead of time was £160 off the Philips 43PUS7304/12 43-Inch 4K UHD Android Smart TV. That was £549, but now it's £389. Which is perfect for those of you who've been shamed by your brother/cousin/other relative who managed to get a huge 4K TV up and running in time to show off to everyone that came visiting yesterday.

There's also £20 off a Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine (£79 instead of £99), £15 off the eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress, (£365 instead of £380), £20 off the Oral B Genius 8000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush (£70 instead of £90), and more.

Naturally you can check them out on the Amazon Boxing Day sales page, and hopefully find something a little bit better than £20 off a near-£400 mattress. But we work with what we've get given, and Amazon didn't give us a lot.

It might be because it's a bit more focussed on telling people it has the rights to some of the Premier League matches. You'll need a Prime Video account to watch them, naturally, but here's what's on:

  • Tottenham v Brighton - TX 11:30 (KO 12:30)
  • Bournemouth v Arsenal - TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Aston Villa v Norwich - TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Chelsea v Southampton - TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Crystal Palace v West Ham United - TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Everton v Burnley- TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Sheffield United v Watford - TX 14:30 (KO 15:00)
  • Manchester United v Newcastle United - TX 17:00 (KO 17:30)
  • Leicester v Liverpool - TX 19:00 (KO 20:00)