You Can Still Order From Amazon Today and Get Everything in Time for Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas Day is tomorrow, and right now is the time when everyone will be doing their ultra-late last minute shopping. Just go to the supermarket to see, if you dare. But you don't really need to rush, because Amazon has promised it's offering same-day deliveries right until the very end of today- including groceries.

Amazon has laid out four different ways you can order and still get everything in time before Christmas Day, There's the Same Day Delivery Option, Prime Now, Morrisons on Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh.

Same Day Delivery is pretty self-explanatory, and you can order eligible products in London and 80 other towns and cities across the UK. Non-Prime members will have to pay for this, though.

Prime Now can get you stuff in as little as an hour, serving selected postcodes in London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Portsmouth, South Yorkshire and Glasgow. That means you can order as late as 9.15pm (or 7.15pm in Glasgow) and still get your stuff before midnight. You have to spend at least £40, and delivery is free in some places. Prime Now's hourly delivery services lets you order as late as 22.59, assuming you live in a serviced area, but will cost you £8 for the privilege.

Prime Now for Morrisons delivers within a two-hour window to selected postcodes in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London, and Newcastle, though the last delivery window is 4-6pm. The supermarkets may be open, but at least you can skip the crowds.

Finally Amazon Fresh will deliver to 302 London and South Eastern postcodes, with items from Morrisons, Booths, Whole Foods, and other brands. You have to get your order in by 1pm, though, and you need a Prime membership.

It was probably better to be more proactive about your shopping, but at least this way you don't need to panic if you forgot to pick up something. After all the supermarkets and the roads are going to be hell today, and it probably isn't worth the hassle if you can help it.