Apple Pay Made More Socially Acceptable at London's Underground Barriers

By Gary Cutlack on at

People using Apple Pay at the ticket barriers of the London Underground will no longer be hated for all eternity by those behind them in the queue, as an update to Apple Pay and the official endorsement of Transport for London has unlocked the system's Express Mode for all commuters.

A few seconds of nervous face/finger authorisation is no longer required to enter the city's transport system, as the Express Transit option allows for cards in the Apple Pay wallet to be accessed by authorised parties without this additional layer of security.

It'll also make swift barrier transits possible with Apple Watch should Express mode be enabled on the mother device, making it easier to single yourself out as someone to mug when outside the station. The downside is that if you leave your phone on one of the afore-unlocked train or bus journeys any random will be able to enjoy free travel, until you get home to your main Apple device and initiate a remote lock and have the Apple satellite detonate it and the thief from orbit. [Apple via 9to5 Mac]