Argos Lorry Drivers Scheme Ruination of Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staff we don't usually hear much about who work deep within the corporate structure of Argos are planning a 16-day strike over the Christmas period, with lorry drivers allied with the Unite union planning to picket a key distribution centre from December 16.

UPS staff based at the Argos warehouse epicentre in Barton are planning the strike over a pay issue that's been ongoing for the last year, with shunter and HGV drivers in charge of loading up the nation's deliveries the ones with the power to disrupt the festive supply chain – and the Barton site the main hub for sending out the chain's stock of electrical items, threatening the country with a disappointing Christmas of mainly locally-purchased soft presents.

Unite's Rick Coyle said: "The treatment of these Barton workers has been disgraceful. The reputations of UPS and Argos are at risk during the peak Christmas period because of this refusal to meaningfully engage with the pay claim." [Retail Gazette]