BBC Licence Fee Non-Payment Decriminalisation Looks Like a Goer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The perpetual state of war against the BBC for being biased for/against various groups' favourite political superstars could soon see a victory for the "anti" camp, as new rumours suggest that one of the first jobs the new government is tackling is opening the decriminalisation of not paying the BBC licence fee to a consultation.

This is presumably the same BBC that many think helped the Conservatives win the election by repeating party lines from unnamed party sources as if they were news, but there you go.

News of this potential attack on the BBC's funding model comes from the Telegraph, the newspaper that supports the Conservatives and was no doubt invited to several celebratory cocktail parties over the weekend. The paper says that an "urgent review" into possibly decriminalising non-payment of the fee is about to be launched by the government, with the aim of seeing if there's demand or support for a formal review to investigate decriminalising not paying the fee, removing the threat of prison for the worst, repeat non-payers.

That would, of course, make it open season on not bothering to pay the £154.50 annual licence fee at all unless you really want to support Graham Norton by paying it anyway. [Telegraph]