Best Christmas Gifts For Space Nerds

By Tegan Jones on at

Space is sick and if you're a Gizmodo reader you probably have someone in your life who thinks so too.

If you're looking for a cosmic gift to bestow upon them this Christmas, these are some damn fine choices.

Space Is Cool As Fuck by Kate Howells

This coffee table book is a fun and informative lounge room centre piece that everyone can enjoy. As the ever so eloquent title suggests it makes science accessible and tackles stuff like Pluto's planetary status and the history of the universe.

It features an in-depth interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy as well as over photographs and illustrations from 40 international young artists. [£35.06]

Hubble Space Nebula Necklace

Because space can be fancy and beautiful.

Electric Eccentricity does incredible work when it comes to turning nerdy interests into stunning jewellery. It even has a whole cosmos sub section.

This piece features a Huble image of a far off nebula combined with a lone star and distant white gas. [£18]

NASA cap

Unfortunately us space nerds do sometimes need to go out in broad daylight. But that doesn't mean we can't be sun safe and be true to our geeky selves. [$US19.95 - $US24.95]

Space Themed LEGO

You can't go past LEGO for any age.

And the cool thing is that there are a range of price points when it comes to cosmic themed bricks. You can nab a Mars Research Shuttle for £25 or go ham and throw £110 at a LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V.

God dammit LEGO is the best. [£10-£110]

Beginner's Telescope

If you have a loved one who is starting to get into the astronomy game, a beginner's telescope is a good place to start. They have everything they need to encourage a piqued interest, but also aren't heinously expensive.

Gskyer has a a 70mm aperture 400mm AZ mount refractor telescope for under $200. It's a portable travel scope, which is useful if you want to be able to take it out of the city to capture a clearer sky. It also comes with a carry bag, adjustable tripod Smart phone adapter and bluetooth camera remote.

This means that its designed to not only see the stars, but capture them too. [£70.97]

Space Socks

I bloody love a fun sock.

If you're looking for a cheaper gift or stocking stuffer, these are extremely cute and allow your mate to let their freak flag fly on the down low at school or in the office.

While it brands these as "mens" socks, I'm pretty sure a woman can also wear them without getting arrested.

This brand also does a range of other novelty socks and stocks everything from maths themes to dentistry. Because sure, why not. [£25.98]

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