The Best Christmas Jumpers to be Toasty and Festive at the Same Time

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas is a thing that people like, as is buying clothing you can only wear on one or two days of this particular part of the year. If you don't have a Christmas jumper yet, there's still time to pick one up for yourself and wow everyone with some sort of ugly design.

Here are our top picks:

It's Not Christmas Until You See Hans Gruber Fall From Nakatomi Tower, £26.95

Wear the Die Hard debate out on the street, by celebrating the death of Alan Rickman's first big Hollywood character. That look on his face is genuine, by the way, because the director dropped him before he said he would. Rickman himself may be dead, but his contribution to Christmas can live on.

Christmas Cunt, £31

Not the kind of thing you want to wear near your more offense-prone relatives, but maybe around your friends at the work Christmas party after the HR department is too drunk to pull you aside and tell you to get rid of it

Pac-Man, £30-£40

It's bad form to spend your Christmas popping pills and listening to electronic music, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it with a jumper.

Tesco Value, £11-£13

A Tesco Value design with a Tesco Value design (relatively speaking). Nothing says budget Christmas more than this!

All I Want for Christmas is EU, £18-£20

How would you like to start an argument about politics this Christmas? Well this is the jumper for you, and it's guaranteed to make all your leave-voting friends and relatives try to debate you in one way or another. The prospect of staying in the EU is basically dead now anyway, but you can always pretend it's not.

Christmas Means Christmas, £25

It's a bit out of date, since Theresa May hasn't been PM for a few months, but they haven't got round to making the Boris ones yet. It's another one that may start a few arguments with the politically-inclined.

Friends: Holiday Armadillo, £37

Couldn't get a jumper with santa on it? No problem, because there's always the Holiday Armadillo to step in and cover for him. The bonus is that because the armadillo is part-Jewish you can use this to celebrate all the Jewish holidays - including Hanukkah.

Make it So, £25

Unfortunately someone missed a trick by not having this say "Make it Snow", but we can't have everything. At least the triple repetition of Picard's catchphrase works pretty well with existing Christmas carols.

Winter is Coming, £37

Winter is definitely here based on the temperature outside, but there's no better way to show that off with the words and sigil of House Stark. It's cliched, but it works.

BB-8: the Good Times Roll, £25

With Star Wars hitting the cinemas later this week, and Christmas coming, this is the perfect addition to any fan's wardrobe. It helps that it  also features the best Disney character that isn't Baby Yoda, so you can roll around the christmas tree - figuratively speaking,

Rick & Morty: Christmas is Pain, £25

A Meeseek's job is to perform a task and puff out of existence, so you need to give them a task they can accomplish easily. Christmas is not one of those tasks, especially since it seems to drag on forever some years. So commemorate those times with some pop culture.

Yoda, £42

It's not the baby version, but Yoda it still is. And one of the best Star Wars characters, he is.

Captain Marvel, £37

The newest hero to hit the MCU also has a design that works weirdly well with the Christmas season. Not only is her emblem a big star, she also has the festive colouring of red, blue, and gold to work with. Throw in a few snowflakes and trees, and you're good to go.

Pusheen Through the Snow, £25

The internet's favourite cartoon cat, there's more Pusheen merchandise than you can shake one of those sticks with the feathery cat toy on the end. Christmas jumpers are no exception, and now we get to see Pusheen and Stormy fulfilling the arduous task of delivering presents by sleigh.

Darth Vader, £25

Less focussed on faith, Vader is now about making sure people enjoy Christmas. So you better get pretty jolly pretty fast, or else there's a force choke coming your way.

Featured image: Unsplash