Britain Risks War With Norway Over Slightly Battered Christmas Tree

By Gary Cutlack on at

The venerable tradition that sees London gifted a Christmas tree from Norway as thanks for our national war efforts is at risk of turning sour, as loads of 2019 kids mock this year's offering for being a bit bent around the edges. How we would love to see their home decoration efforts in return.

The fact that the Norwegian spruce does not look quite like the ones on the Christmas cards or in the Argos catalogue is angering people on the Scrooge-like social parts of the internet, where the spruce has been described as anaemic, sad, droopy and drab; although bear in mind the photos circulating are unofficial and unflattering paparazzi shots taken before the lights were put on.

The British Ambassador to Norway has had to step in to defend this year's gift lest a state of war between the two countries be declared in the Queen's speech, saying: "This is what 90-year-old, 25m trees in the wild look like. It is important to consider the symbolism of the tree rather than simply how many branches it has."

The two tonne tree is from stock planted in about 1929, and was sawed down in a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Oslo and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. And being rude about presents is not on, else we'll only get a jumper from the Norwegian equivalent of ASDA to share next year.

The tree has been done up properly now and was switched on last night. [BBC]