British Toilet Association Approves Less Comfortable Seat Design

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new type of toilet could perhaps be the saviour of UK business, thanks to a design that includes a sloping seat to make it less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. This could therefore stem the wasting of the billions of hours of work time that we blow playing phone games in the toilet, sending national productivity through the roof.

That's the dream of the designer of the Standard Toilet at least, who says the simple introduction of a 13-degree angled slope on the top where the seat goes slowly increases pressure on the legs as you sit there, making it intolerable to be on for more than five minutes, therefore ending the culture of "extended employee breaks" where we occupy a cubicle, sadly doing nothing, for as long as it doesn't smell too bad.

Toilet designer and engineer Mahabir Gill is behind the new, less comfortable seat concept, and he says he sees a future where it's the default bowl in offices and public spaces, saving an entirely estimated £4bn in wasted wages spent as staff reload social media in the cubicles. [BTA via Independent]