Burger King Turns to the Dark Side by Giving Away Free Food With Star Wars Spoilers

By Shabana Arif on at

Burger King in Germany is currently running a promo giving away a free Whopper meal. The catch? You have to read Rise of the Skywalker spoilers.

The promo is leaning into spoiler culture somewhat, and is tempting customers with the prospect of free grub if they subject themselves to spoilers for the final instalment in the Star Wars series of films.

Rise of the Skywalker brings the space opera to a close and I'm sure the majority of people have been trying to avoid spoilers like the plague - even though the Lucasfilm hasn't exactly been avoiding spoiling the film to some degree itself. The promo makes movie-goers choose between a free Burger King meal with spoilers galore, or no spoilers, and no free food. Seems like a no-brainer, but for the purposes of entertainment, the fast food chain has dredged up some passersby (wink) to reluctantly walk into the spoiler-filled restaurant and enjoy their freebies that are plastered with some major spoilers for the film. Brutal spoilers, even, according to the video. And don't worry, this is the spoiler-free version of the video.

The spoiler-filled version is here, should you be sadistic or curious enough to have the film spoiled and watch other people eat Burger King, while you get nothing but a shitty wrap up after decades of films set in the Star Wars universe, with nary a free burger in sight.

To get a free Spoiler Whopper, you have to a) be in Germany, and b) download the Burger King app. The app will make you read spoilers before giving you a code to redeem for your Whopper. So avoid German Twitter until you see the film, which releases this week. [Screen Rant]