Buyer of £3m London Flat Sues for Lack of Broadband

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man fortunate enough to find himself with £3m to spend on a London flat would like an additional £97,300 from the developer of the building he lives in, as compensation for discovering that his posh new home did not come with any form of broadband connection.

This meant millionaire businessman Stephen Shalson had to suffer the indignity of using public Wi-Fi in places where commonfolk gather to stream sports, install ringtones, purchase items from Argos and suchlike, which was a physical as well as psychological drain on him, because getting online also meant getting down from his home on the 30th floor of The Heron building in London's Barbican district.

This imposition lasted from when he moved in in February of 2014 to when Hyperoptic sailed up the stairs to his rescue with the executive-level fibre pipe he truly deserved in October of 2016. Shalson says developer Heron Residences really ought to have provided internet options by default given the price of the supposedly luxurious developments, although Heron says connectivity was not mentioned as a provision in the contract of sale so it's all actually Shalson's fault for not reading all the boring stuff you get in the post when buying a house. A full trial on the matter is scheduled for next year. [Standard]