Casetteboy Releases Boris Johnson Brexit Remix and the Internet Is Loving It

By Shabana Arif on at

The Brixton electronica duo has returned after a bit of downtime with a remix that pulls no punches.

The video/song is set to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This except the chorus is now a resounding "You can't trust me" instead.

It follows a smaller snippet from earlier this year  (Boris Johnson's Leadership Bid), that essentially calls him a wanker. You can make your own decision about that once you've had a chuckle at the video. And let's not forget 2012's Boris Johnson's Olympic Welcome. Also fun.

This musical number is definitely more entertaining, and after being posted to Twitter yesterday, it's already done three times the numbers and then some of the previous Boris video. Take a gander:

Obviously, the internet bloody loves it, with the exception of people who have taken umbrage with the stammertime portion of the song, although this seems more to fit in with the song and his general veneer of buffoonery than mocking anyone with a speech impediment.

But then again, you can't swing a dick without someone on the internet getting angry about it - although in the case of gyroscopic genitals, they'd definitely have something to complain about. Just watch the thing and laugh.