Competition Police Open Full Probe into Amazon's Deliveroo Investment

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Competition & Markets Authority is following through on its threat to insert a metaphorical spanner between Amazon and Deliveroo, after Amazon failed to reassure it that competition would not be stifled should its investment in Deliveroo complete.

The CMA is now launching an "an in depth, Phase 2 investigation" into Amazon's purchase of a sizeable chunk of the delivery business via a huge funding round, news it announced accompanied by a bizarre animated GIF so that young people might pay attention and understand. The result of the purchase may trigger a "substantial lessening of competition" in the UK's food delivery world, the CMA has spent Christmas worrying about.

The CMA has given itself until June 2020 to work this out, and to investigate if Amazon is pursuing a complete merger with Deliveroo or may still be open to working out some sort of solution that keeps the two businesses vaguely, sort of, legally at least, separate entities that may pretend to compete with each other. [GOV]