Deliveroo Is Giving Away Free Bacon Sarnies at a Dedicated 'Rash Point'

By Shabana Arif on at

Deliveroo has opened a pop-up bacon sandwich ATM in central London that the marketing team should've spent more time naming.

The Rash Point ATM will be dishing out sandwiches, hopefully without a side of flaky skin conditions, on Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market today and tomorrow between 7am and 2pm. Why? Because with all these Christmas piss-ups going on, tomorrow (December 13) is statistically the most hungover day of the year. And what do hungover Brits love? Bacon sarnies.

Order for the piggy sammies soar on the second Friday in December, increasing by 72 per cent. Oink Catering is providing the grub and if you're feeling particularly charitable in the face of a hot breakfast/ lunch, you can make a donation to charity at the Rash Point via contactless - although Deliveroo hasn't mentioned which charities so you can try to figure that as you battle your hangover.

Joe Groves, Head of PR at Deliveroo says:

“Free bacon rolls on the most hungover day of the year is probably the best thing we have ever done to be honest. The morning after can be brutal, especially at Christmas and hopefully, instead of getting the fear at a cash point after a big spending spree, we can deliver a bit more joy.”

I don't know about that, Joe. The campaign to donate to midwives this month is a pretty good thing too.