Qualcomm is Bringing Dolby Vision Video Capture to the Snapdragon 865

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recording video in HDR is nothing new, and there are dozens of phones out there that can record stuff in 4K resolution and the improved colours of high dynamic range. But that HDR is usually HDR 10 or early versions of HDR 10+, what about Dolby Vision?

Qualcomm has just announced that Dolby Vision video recording will be coming to smartphones, thanks to all the power packed into the flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset. Phone makers will still have to decide whether they want to support and activate the feature, but the fact is once the Snapdragon 865 is out in the world they will have the choice.

Naturally that will mean those manufacturers will need a Dolby Licence, which might limit the number willing to get involved. That said because Dolby Vision offers a dynamic HDR experience (implementing frame by frame, for better immersion) it's the kind of thing they'll need if they really want to offer the best camera capabilities.

Then again HDR10+ offers a similar dynamic HDR experience, so they may stick with that and hope that the coming improvements give it the edge. We'll have to wait and see.