DPD Gets the Okay for Second Drone Delivery Route to Remote French Village

By Shabana Arif on at

DPD France has opened a second commercial drone delivery line to save its drivers the 30 minute round trip to an isolated village.

I guess lobbing parcels up a mountainside isn't something they've developed a skill for like couriers here in the UK who'll just throw your shit in the vague direction of your house and slope off, satisfied with another job barely done.

The first line was set up to deliver packages between Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte Baume and Pourrières, and thanks to two years of successful operations, a second route has been approved in Isère (South-East of France), between Fontanil-Cornillon and the rural village of Mont-Saint-Martin.

The drive usually takes 30 minutes for a round-trip, but the use of a drone has trimmed that right down - to just eight minutes. Behold:

As well as the obvious time-saving benefits, it allows drivers to bypass roads which can be dangerous to traverse in winter, and circumvent any potential blocks.

It's a pretty good use of drones which makes a change in our coverage - usually some stupid git is flying one around an airport, grounding flights. [DPD via The Guardian]