Get up to 20% off eBay Until Midnight With This Promo Code

By Shabana Arif on at

Get your butt over to eBay before midnight to get 15 per cent and 20 per cent off purchases from selected sellers.

eBay is currently giving you yet more money off with the promo code PRESSIES which kicks in on purchases of £25 or more and saves you a maximum of up to £60.

There's a huge list of sellers on the site that are offering 15 per cent discounts, and a somewhat smaller list of those offering 20 per cent. You can peruse them on the terms and conditions page. In this instance, you can only use the code once, so make sure you grab everything you want before the clock strikes 12 and enter the code at checkout.

It seems that the 20 per cent discount is limited to 'fashion' products, while there's 15 per cent off 'home & garden, tech and more'. Retailers include ShopTo, so if you're after a sweet console of gaming deal, you can nab yourself 15 per cent off for the rest of the day.